Zoe Yucong Wang

  As a young composer, Yucong (Zoe) Wang's compositions have been performed widely at many concerts in China, Europe and the U.S. In July 2018, her saxophone solo piece Broken Suite commissioned by Chinese Saxophonist Jiaqi Zhao had its world premier at the 18th World Saxophone Congress in Croatia. In June 2017, her orchestral piece Blackbird: II. Aggregation was selected to be performed in Underwood New Music Reading by American Composer Orchestra, conducted by the ACO Music Director, the maestro George Manahan in New York DiMenna Center. In 2016 she collaborated with the New York City based ensemble, the Deviant Septet. Her piece, the Ecstasy of Six Persian Poems, was performed by the septet at the Warren and Patricia Benson Forum on Creativity. In the same year, she was commissioned to write a piece for the 2016 Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong National Museum. One year earlier, her violin and piano duo pieces for children The Cricket and The Dog was performed and published in Rochester.



    Yucong Wang's past composition awards include the First Prize (Junior) of 8th International Antonin Dvorak Composition Competition in Prague, 2017, and two special prizes the Best Variation (her composition A Variation) and the Best Free Composition (her orchestral piece Fantasy for Orchestra). As the first prize winner, after the competition, she had an interview with Czech TV and later the interview was played by Czech TV at primetime. Also, she was invited to bring her orchestral piece back and perform in Prague in 2020. She won second prize in the Confucius Award Composition Competition (2009) for her Chinese Instrumental Trio Yi, and first prize in the Young Promise Composition Competition (2011) for her mixed quintet, The Reverse of 12 Hours. She also received the Eastman School's Belle Gitelman Award in 2016 for her chamber pieces, Five Wright Songs and The Ecstasy of Six Persian Poems, and Bernard Rogers Memorial Prize for her piano suite Monochromes. Her Violin Concerto No.1 has been selected as the concert repertoire and will be performed by Eastman School Student Orchestra in the 2017-18 season.


  As a pianist, Yucong has performed classical repertoire at concerts in China, the United States, and Europe, playing solo recitals at Eastman School. She also plays many collaborative works for both singers and instrumentalists, and has recently played for a Renée Fleming master class. She has been performed in the concerts with many artists including Oleh Krysa, Bin Huang, Giovanni Angeleri, Alexander Suleiman, Jiafeng Chen, etc.  Besides performing the classical repertoire, Yucong also performed in new music concerts with many different new music ensembles such as the OSSIA New Music Ensemble, Musica Nova, and Sinfonietta New Music Ensemble. She performed new music by contemporary composers including Robert Morris, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Diego Vega and John Rea.


 Yucong was born on May 22, 1993. She began studying piano at age six and composition when she was eleven.  She was accepted as a student by the Music Middle School, affiliated with Shanghai Conservatory, and studied composition with Professor Ying Ding.  In 2011 she entered the Shanghai Conservatory as the first-ranked student, studying composition with Professor Gang Chen and Professor Huang Lv.  In 2013 she entered the Eastman School of Music for BM in composition. Her composition professors at Eastman have been David Liptak, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, Oliver Schneller (electronic music) and Robert Morris. In addition, she studied piano with Professor Vincent Lenti. In 2017 fall she entered Dr. Jean Barr's studio at Eastman School, pursuing her Master's degree in Collaborative Piano.  Currently she is also working at Eastman, teaching aural skill and performing as a studio accompanist. As the co-founder who established the brand Dragonfly Classical Music, she organizes Dragonfly International Music Festivals (DIMF), masterclasses and concert series in China in every summer.


        青年作曲家王羽骢(Zoe)的作品曾在世界各地的音乐会上演。2018年夏受青年萨克斯演奏家赵佳琦邀委约作品《Broken Suite》在欧洲克罗地亚的第十八届世界萨克斯研讨会上演。2017年她的管弦乐队作品《神鸟之二:聚集》(Blackbird: II. Aggregation)入选美国2017年Underwood新音乐演出(UNMR2017), 由著名指挥家George Manahan带领美国作曲家管弦乐团在纽约DiMenna Center上演。2016年她受纽约新音乐团,Deviant七重奏与Eastman Benson音乐会委约创作室内乐《六首波斯诗的狂喜》(The Ecstasy of Six Persian Poems),随后由Deviant在Benson音乐会上演出,同年受Strong National博物馆委约创作马林巴作品Dominoes在2016 Toy Hall of Fame节日演出。2015年,她根据泰戈尔诗歌改编为儿童所写的二重奏《小狗》与《蟋蟀》在罗切斯特演出并出版。

        在作曲方面,王羽骢在2017年在布拉格举办的第八届德沃夏克国际作曲比赛中赢得青年组一等奖和两个特别奖项:最佳变奏曲(A Variation)和最佳自由作曲奖(乐队作品Fantasy for Orchestra)。作为第一名得主,她赛后收到捷克电视台的采访并在黄金时段播出,同时被组委会邀请在2020年带管弦乐作品回到布拉格演出。她过去所得奖项包括2009年孔子颂作曲大赛二等奖(作品《忆:为民乐器三重奏而作》),2011年Young Promise作曲比赛首奖(五重奏:《逆转的十二时》),2016年Eastman Belle Gitleman奖项(《五首Wright的歌》和《六首波斯诗的狂喜》)和2017年Eastman Bernard Rogers纪念奖项(钢琴组曲《单色》)。同年她的第一小提琴协奏曲入选成为ESSO管弦乐队在2017-18年的演出曲目。

       王羽骢曾在中国、美国、欧洲各地演出钢琴独奏与协作钢琴,在美国伊士曼音乐学院举办独奏音乐会。她同时演奏室内乐钢琴与合奏,曾在世界著名歌唱家Renée Fleming的课上作为协奏钢琴;在中国曾与包括Oleh Krysa,黄滨,Giovanni Angeleri,Alexander Suleiman,陈佳峰等艺术家合作演出。除古典作品曲目之外,王羽骢致力于参加当代作曲的演奏,她曾在OSSIA,Musica Nova和Sinfoniatta新音乐团担任钢琴演出,合作演出作曲家包括Robert Morris, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Diego Vega, John Rea等。

       王羽骢于1993年5月22日出生,6岁起学习钢琴,11岁开始学习作曲,曾就读于上海音乐学院附中,师从丁缨教授,2011年以专业/文化课双项第一名的成绩进入上海音乐学院,师从著名作曲家陈钢教授与吕黄教授。2013年她被授予Howard Hanson奖学金进入美国伊士曼音乐学院攻读本科作曲专业学位,师从作曲教授David Liptak,Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, Oliver Schneller (电子音乐) 和Robert Morris,钢琴师从Vincent Lenti教授。2017年她考入Eastman跟随钢琴演奏家Dr. Jean Barr攻读研究生钢琴合奏专业学位,并在伊士曼音乐学院担任视唱练耳教学和studio钢琴伴奏工作。同时,作为蜻蜓古典音乐的创立者之一,她担任每年夏季蜻蜓国际音乐艺术节的艺术总监与驻节钢琴艺术家,致力将国际化的音乐教育带入中国本土。